ROMP is over 300 mountain cyclists leading mountain cycling advocacy and social events in California's San Mateo and Santa Clara counties (west and south of San Francisco Bay). They appreciate the diversity of the Bay Area, and seek to reflect the community at large. ROMP advocacy has opened trails in Soquel Demo Forest, Almaden Quicksilver County Park, and other local areas.

Access4bikes was formed in response to the continued decrease in access to trails in and around Marin County and to address current proposals that may further criminalize mountain biking on trails in Marin County. The purpose of this group is to organize the mountain biking community into one voice that will be heard by local county officials and the outdoor recreational governing bodies like MCOSD, MMWD, the State and Federal Parks jurisdictions. They believe that the mountain biking community deserves to be treated as an equal participant amongst the various recreational user groups. Only by becoming politically active, do we stand a chance of reversing the implementation of exclusionary new policies, and changing the prohibitionist old policies.

Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBOSC) are dedicated to continuing and expanding responsible Mountain Biking through trail work and advocacy and having a lot of fun along the way. Since 1997, Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz has sponsored trail work to maintain and enhance existing trails in Wilder the first Sunday of every month, rain or shine at 9:45 AM.

3rd Rail Cycling Club
Berkeley Bicycle Club
Bicycle Friendly Berkeley Coalition, Inc., (510) 549-7433
Bike Alameda, (510) 595-4690
Cal Cycling
Cycle Sports/Moosehead Cycling Club, (510) 444-7900
Delta Peddlers Bike Club
East Bay Bicycle Coalition, (510) 433-7433
East Bay Velo Club, (707) 538-2363
Fremont Freewheelers Bicycle Club, (510) 797-6515
Grizzly Peak Cyclists
Hypercat Racing Team, (510) 236-5562
Left Coast Racing Team
Oakland Yellow Jackets Bicycling Club
Solano Avenue Cyclery Racing Team, (510) 524-1094
Strada Sempre Duro
Team Wrong Way (mountain bikers)
Valley Spokesmen Bicycle Touring Club, (925) 828-5299
Valley Spokesmen Racing Team