Lower Meadow

Take a photo tour of the park, learn more about the challenges that all Open Spaces face, and commit yourselves to helping alleviate stresses on this magnificent recreational resource.

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How to get there: map
Maps of Joaquin Miller Park & Redwood Regional Park
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From HWY-13
(From the North Turn LEFT on MONTEREY BLVD Turn LEFT on LINCOLN AVE 0.1 )
Take JOAQUIN MILLER RD up hill .01 mile

Two blocks up Joaquin Miller Rd. look for Joaquin Miller's Abbey (a small white house) on the LEFT.  This is the start of the Bishop's Walk Trail up into JM Park.  Take it for .2 miles.

At the end of this steep climb you reach Lookout Point.  The route continues about 20 yards ahead onto Sinawik Trail (non marked singletrack) on your LEFT.

At the first small intersections stay to the LEFT. This will lead you down into the beautiful redwood canyon on Sinawik Trail.  Once in the canyon you start to climb back up Sinawik Trail on the RIGHT side of the creek. (You can also turn LEFT at the wooden bridge and then an immediate RIGHT onto Palos Colorados. This is a slightly easier route. Palos Colorados and Sinawik parallel each other on the two sides of Palo Seco Creek for the next .5 miles.)

Cross the Stone Bridge and proceed up Sunset Trail to the RIGHT.  This trail goes to the LEFT of the meadow for .25 miles.

At the end of the meadow Sunset Trail veers LEFT and starts climbing.  You will pass a sign that renames this part of Sunset Trail the "Harold Ireland Trail." Continue straight up the steep hill for .24 miles.

At the top of the hill (and end of the trail) turn RIGHT onto Sequoia Bayview Trail for .15 miles.

At the trailhead turn LEFT onto Big Trees Trail for .7 miles.

Climb and descend this trail (making sure to stay on it and don't take any side trails-they are all illegal) until you reach the Duke Ruffin picnic area next to Skyline Blvd. 

Follow the trail through the picnic area on the LEFT until you come to a small paved trail/road next to Skyline Blvd.  Turn LEFT onto it and then LEFT again back into the redwoods.  This is the official (if confusing) route of Big Trees Trail for another .25 mile.  Please stay on marked trails!

At the bottom of Big Trees, turn RIGHT onto Sequoia Bayview Trail for 1 mile.

At the intersection with Chapparal Trail turn RIGHT to stay on Sequoia Bayview trail.

Sequoia Bayview comes out on the paved park road that leads out of the park to Skyline Blvd.
Turn LEFT and you'll shortly cross Skyline Blvd into the paved overflow parking lot of the Chabot Observatory.  Ride through the parking lot and pass by the yellow metal gate.  Ride up the paved path/road and take a LEFT through the brown wooden gate and then RIGHT onto West Ridge. (If you come to the observatory you're heading the wrong direction.) Follow this long descending trial all the way to the bottom of Redwood Canyon for the next 2 miles.

At the Bottom of the Hill turn LEFT onto Bridle Trail. Take Bridlel Trail .7 miles.

At the end of Bridle cross the creek and turn RIGHT onto Stream Trail and ride through the Orchard picnic and play area for .24 miles to the Canyon Meadow Staging Area.

This is the entrance to Canyon Trail on your LEFT.  Climb the steep hill .36 miles to East Ridge.

Turn LEFT onto East Ridge Trail for the next 3.2 miles all the way to the end at Skyline Gate. 

Go onto West Ridge Trail at the far side of the parking area for 1.1 miles.

At Moon Gate, West Ridge Trail turns LEFT up to the Oakland Observatory.

Cross the service road and follow West Ridge past the Observatory for .56 miles.

Turn RIGHT onto the paved entrance road to the Observatory and down to Skyline Blvd. You will see a singletrack directly across the road. Go straight across the road onto Sequoia Bayview .17 miles to Castle Park Trail.

LEFTon Castle Park .1 mile until you see a RIGHT turn into a wide dirt area with old logs in it.  Turn RIGHT into this area.  Riding through this area you will see Cinderella Trail to your RIGHT.  This starts a steep drop down Cinderella Trail.  Turn RIGHT down Cinderella .54 miles.

At the bottom of Cinderella turn LEFT onto Sunset Fire Road for .3 miles 

Turn RIGHT onto Palos Calorados (just before the stone bridge) back down the hill to the wooden bridge. Go over the bridge and RIGHT on Sinawik back to Lookout Point.

From here take Bishops Walk .19 miles back to Joaquin Miller Road.

Distance: 18 miles
Elevation Gain: 2500 feet
Technical Moderate/Difficulty:  Some advanced singletrack, short technical sections.